We Thoroughly Screen All Vendors so We Know They're Quality Firms

You Can Feel Confident That You're Connecting with a Great Company

We have a 5 point screening process that each vendor we work with must pass through before being connected with companies like yours. We take these measures so that we can ensure that you’re working with high quality companies that will do a great job for you. When one of your shipments doesn’t get to its destination, or other errors take place, this has a direct impact on your business. You simply can’t afford to work with a 3PL company that makes errors.

We use our knowledge of the industry, coupled with our 5 step process to ensure that we “weed out” the bad 3PL firms. Take a look at our 5 step process below:

  1. Initial interview and application. The first step a vendor must take to work with us is to fill out an initial application. We ask them a multitude of questions about their business and operations. Furthermore, we conduct an initial interview as well in order to gauge some preliminary understandings of their capabilities and potential to perform at a high level.
  2. Independent research. The second step in our process is to conduct background research into the firm. We contact various sources, such as the Better Business Bureau and other websites to see if we can find any negative information about the company. All information gathered is used in our acceptance process.
  3. Credit Check. As a third step, we oftentimes perform a credit check on the vendor. This helps us to assess the financial viability of the going concern of the company.
  4. Reference Check. The fourth step in the process is to speak to their customers, assessing the level of performance from actual clients. There is no vantage point quite like this step, as it oftentimes reveals both strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Required Guarantees. As a fifth and final step, we require each vendor accepted into our network to pledge and agree to meet certain standards when providing information to you. We require them to act honestly and faithfully in providing you accurate, honest and fair pricing proposals.