Things to Look For in a 3PL Company

Take These Steps to Ensure You Choose the Right Company

In order to make sure you find a good 3PL company that offers competitive pricing and will provide quality service, you have to take extreme precaution in the selection process. Follow these simple steps and you’ll end up on the right side of the coin.

  • Ask the 3PL company if they’ve listed ALL costs
  • See if they have any monthly minimum charges
  • Ask for volume discounts
  • Adequately compare the costs of in house operations versus outsourcing
  • Perform an in depth analysis of shipping and freight costs with the 3PL company
  • Ask for referrals from current customers to make sure that costs don’t change after sign up
  • Check the vendor’s BBB rating
  • Make sure that everything is documented in a contract
  • Search the web for negative reviews about the 3PL company
  • Get a demo of their online reporting and inventory system
  • Speak directly with as many members of their team as possible
  • Visit their site to see the operation first hand if possible

Taking your time to perform adequate due diligence will help you make the best selection.