Looking for the Best 3PL Company at the Best Price?

Finding a Great Partner May Be More Challenging Than Anticipated

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find a qualified, high performing 3PL company. And there are really two reasons why it’s so difficult.

  1. The 3PL industry is plagued with poor performing companies. First of all, it’s extremely easy to enter into and start a 3PL business. Oftentimes, people start this type of business with the best of intentions, thinking that they can easily store and ship goods for others. After all, it seems easy enough, doesn’t it? But the reality is that this is a very sophisticated industry, calling for companies with well thought out processes and procedures and high tech systems to not only manage inventory and orders but also to integrate with shopping carts, accounting systems, and other order management systems. Add to this fact that it’s extremely easy to put up a website that looks very professional. Companies can portray themselves as highly successful shippers, when in essence they’re actually bordering on bankruptcy. And believe us, we’re not just making this stuff up…we’ve seen companies go out of business countless times over the last few years. And just as frequently, we’ve seen companies that were horrified with the poor performance of their chosen 3PL.
  2. Only compounding the difficulty is the presence of ranking websites and other referral services similar to ours. Unfortunately, most of these companies don’t take the same approach that we take. Rather than thorough screening of potential vendors, they accept anyone willing to pay them. Or in the case of ranking sites, they rate companies as the best simply because those companies were willing to pay them the highest amount of money. We’re more than frustrated with the common practices…so much so that we decided to do something different.

We’re What True Screening of 3PL’s is All About

Before we allow any 3PL company into our network and therefore connect them with companies like yours, we put them through a very thorough screening process. And so that you’re aware, most of the companies that contact us or apply don’t make the cut. In fact, fewer than 50% of the companies we’ve come into contact over the years become member vendors. And if we ever find out that the service levels of a member vendor have slipped below our acceptable standard, we’ve been known to terminate them from our network. We truly want to be associated with only the best companies, because we know that they’ll take care of your warehousing and fulfillment needs. Want to learn more about our screening process? Take a look at our 5 step pre-screening process.

How Does Our Matching System Work?

We try to make things extremely simple. All that you have to do to get multiple price quotes from competing, high quality 3PL’s is to fill out our quote request form. Once we receive your information, you’ll receive a final contact from one of our representatives. They’ll verify your information and the most important things you’re looking for in a logistics company so that we can match you with the most relevant options. After that, you’ll be connected with a handful of companies that will best meet your needs. These companies will contact you with FREE price quotes.

What is the Cost of Our Service?

This is one of the greatest things about our service…it’s absolutely FREE to you. And you don’t have to choose any of the providers we connect you with. All we charge is a small lead fee to the 3PL’s that we connect you with. These companies don’t pay us any commissions so that we can not only remain completely unbiased but also keep your costs down versus other referral services that act as brokers.